Thursday, February 23, 2017

It was such a dark time, too. And so loooooong ago.

'Walking Dead' T-Shirt Pulled for Being 'Racist'

[W]hat happened was a guy in Sheffield, England was at a Primark (U.K. department store) with his wife and they saw a "Walking Dead" T-shirt quoting Negan's now infamous line: "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe," with a picture of Lucille, the barbed-wire-covered baseball bat Negan uses to kill.

This guy's mind went immediately to a dark time in history when the "Eeny meeny" rhyme included the n-word instead of the word tiger.

("Pulp Fiction" used the n-word version.)

Pair that with a weapon, and he saw something very different from TWD fans.

. . . .

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan, and he tweeted out a link to the story, including his own commentary on the state of humanity: "Holy crap people are stupid!"

I foresee an extorted apology in Morgan's future.

The race commissars, you know.

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