Friday, February 3, 2017

Democrats, awake!

Indissoluble marriage?

Criminalization of adultery and fornication?

Legal persecution of gays?

Total legal suppression of porn, obscenity, and profanity?

Legal suppression of contraception?

A regime of carefully inculcated shame and inescapable guilt?

Legally required church contributions and attendance?

Exclusion of Jews and other non-Christians, or reduction of their numbers to insignificance?

Mandatory prayer and religious lessons in public schools?

Who really wants all that back?

Criminalized miscegenation?

Exclusion of non-whites from the vote, from juries, and from political office?

Legally mandated segregation in schools and in residential areas?

Racial discrimination in employment?

The color line in all social relationships?

Exclusion of women from education, from professions, from property ownership, from office, from the vote?

Should the liberal judges who did away with all that by constitutional fabrication really be faulted for it?

Especially in view of Article V and the paralysis, fecklessness, and backwardness of the political branches?

Should the human and legal rights at issue in these matters be left subject to change as easily as the tax laws?

Shouldn't the affirmative right to counsel and the exclusionary rule be protected by the constitution, in state as well as federal courts?

Shouldn't the Bill of Rights,  reasonably construed, constrain states and locales as well as the general government?

Shouldn't the constitution be amenable to revision by enlightened and experienced liberal elites, more readily than by masses spurred on by demagogues like George Wallace, Donald Trump, or Steve Bannon?

What kind of country do we really want?

Don't we want responsible and liberal judicial review?

Don't we want strong privacy rights?

Don't we want a government big enough and strong enough and rich enough to protect us and our children and our planet from the arrogance, power, and rapacity of the plutocracy?

Don't we want a vibrant, powerful, and creative economy that works for all of us and not just the few?

Don't we want secular and public, tuition free education and training of all sorts, at all levels?

Don't we want quality universal health care?

Don't we want social insurance and retirement programs to eliminate poverty and secure reasonable comfort and well-being for all?

Don't we oppose exclusion of non-whites and non-Christians from our schools, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and our country?

Stop bullshitting around!

Stand up and say it.

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