Thursday, February 23, 2017

Young Republicans for Russia

73% of the youngest group of Republicans see Russia as a friendly state or even an ally of the USA.

Media explanations include boisterous Trumpery, but lean most on distance from the era of the Soviet Union.

They do not include reactionary Christianism, homophobia, or hostility to abortion and women's rights, features of Buchananist admiration of Putin with which Trump seems to have shown some sympathy.

The truth is Putin's strong man rule is still better than most regimes in the world, and he is our adversary only because we have set our faces against him, playing our role of worldwide meddler and unique superpower.

Excess anti-Trumpery, by the way, and again distance from the Cold War, doubtless account for the extraordinary severity of Democrats' views of Russia.

It was a Democrat speaking to Rachel who ludicrously insisted on the Russian menace, urging against Trump in anger and alarm that Putin is dead set on spreading his hateful authoritarianism through the entire world.

And I suppose we have to see this reversal of the Cold War positions of the two major parties in part as a success of the media propaganda war that has been going on since the campaign.

A war of publicity that has pit Trump against the entire foreign policy establishment on America's role as globocop, during which the customary anti-interventionism of the left has gone amazingly dark, leaving us the very odd spectacle of folks like Rachel urgently supporting the American commitment to nuclear war with Russia to defend Estonia.

Of course, among anti-Trumpists who don't want to admit there actually is a serious question about America's military role in the word, there are always conspiracy theories.

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