Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Homo politicus

It is untrue that Nietzsche has no politics.

It is just that his politics are unspeakable.

He is a bloody minded brute of the right.

He makes Hamilton look like a wild-eyed democrat.

Human, All Too Human, Part I, section 8, A Look at the State, for example.

See epigram 460, the great man of the masses, for an anticipation of Donald Trump.

In several of his epigrams, Neitzsche anticipates Ortega y Gasset and Marcel.

In others, he parrots apologists of slavery.

See 457, slaves and workers.

But see 462, my utopia.

A utilitarian, malgré lui!

See also 439, culture and caste.

His utopia, it seems, has been common in history.

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