Friday, February 17, 2017

More rules from the PC race commissars who put Trump in the White House

Why do you think Breitbart, Fox, and the like so love to publicize this stuff?

White people are not to be portrayed as, in any manner or sense of the term, rescuing people who are not white.

And such portrayals are to be scorned and greeted with contempt.

So, no more movies about Lincoln, LBJ, John Brown, John Quincy Adams, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, and so on.

So when whites play the heroes in action films in which the people they save are not white, a line is crossed, blame and scorn are distributed, guilt assessed, and apologies demanded.

Tom Cruise better be damned careful, is all I can say.

But if you must have white characters fighting to save nonwhites, that is permitted if you portray them as intellectually, morally, or otherwise inferior to the nonwhites, as Jonathan Kim explains.

No, ‘The Great Wall’ Isn’t Racist Whitewashing

Also to be scorned and blamed is whitewashing, perhaps by the same people who wanted Idris Elba to be the next James Bond.

Olivier played Othello and the Mahdi in blackface.

Brilliant, both times, though his efforts to have a black walk and black glutes in the former were a bit comic.

If Elba played Macbeth, how would you make him look white?


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