Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The alt.right White House

OK, it's interesting JS is trying to do in Miller, Bannon's puppy and so Trump's own at one remove, who surely deserves it.

Think how the English Civil War edged closer when Parliament forced Charles to execute a key man for doing something Charles had personally ordered him to do.

First Flynn, then Miller?

Anyway, another point.

Sunday at the local Barnes and Noble I was tempted to buy the somewhat pricey Jacksonland, but chose to wait until I can buy it used.

That's a book about the President Jackson who played a leading role in the destruction of the Five Civilized Tribes in a career of near genocide and outright ethnic cleansing, and made himself rich through exploitation of slave labor on a network of plantations.

Yes, the same Jackson who won the Battle of New Orleans and opposed the national bank, only to be memorialized on the face of a Federal Reserve Note, the 20 dollar bill.

I know because Rachel pointed out the ironic humor of putting him on that bill during the period when the changes to the currency coming in 2020 were announced.

Harriet Tubman, black heroine of the Underground Railway, is to replace the celebrated Indian fighter.

When that was announced, Pat Buchanan and other guardians of the White Man's honor went wild in defense not only of Jackson and his career but also of the national celebration of Jackson.

Much in the spirit of Ann Coulter defending white controlled institutions and white individuals of the South flying the flag of the Confederacy, which she pointedly referred to as their flag.

And what brought all that to mind was this.

Then there's the Andrew Jackson thing.

Trump is such an admirer of the seventh president that he hung a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office.

Obama celebrated Lincoln.

Trump celebrates the US president who's the best approximation to Jefferson Davis.

He misses by having opposed nullificationism and the alleged right of states to leave the Union.

Of course, that was before the slave South he so helped create feared abolition by Yankees.

The alt.right White House.

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