Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Flynn story

The Wind Is Sown

I think Flynn was on that call with the Russians, the very same day Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats as spies, on Trump's behalf, promising Putin a turnaround in the US attitude toward Russia, NATO, and Russia's dealings with bordering states that were part of Stalin's USSR.

There is nothing going on that we could not have seen coming, based on Trump's announced skepticism about NATO and rejection of an adversary relation with Russia going back to the campaign in 2016.

It is entirely possible that Pence, a standard-issue globalist Republican, was in the dark about all this.

Anyway, the globalists of both parties and the Democrats, especially, are busy spinning this mendaciously as a corruption and espionage thing, an incompetence thing, a feckless White House thing, a scandal involving possible Russian blackmail of the National Security Adviser, General Flynn.


It's not that, but none of these folks really want to open a public controversy about whether the US really ought to continue as part of, let alone leading, NATO and the other alliance systems around the world America built up in the Cold War years of anti-Communist frenzy, rooted in capitalist panic and a popular "inordinate fear of Communism," as Jimmy Carter once put it.

Communism is gone, and Trump seems to join Bannon and Buchanan and many others in denying the good sense of continuing American involvement in such an, as they think, obsolete globalism.

This looks like something done pursuant to that view of things.

And that is a view of things that is utterly anathema to nearly all of official Washington, of both parties.

The role of Russia in the 2016 election and the President's relationship to Russia has been the un-ignorable question hanging over President Trump for months.

Flynn's resignation does not come close to resolving it.

It is highly likely that the Flynn/Russia channel was authorized by the President himself.

There's much more to come.

Nancy Pelosi, still painting this as some sort of corruption scandal, says Flynn tweeted "Scapegoat," and she will tweet "Stonewall".

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