Thursday, February 23, 2017

Strategically playing up the threat

Geert Wilders suspends election campaign over alleged security leak

Dutch media reported earlier this week that a member of the far-right politician’s police security team had been arrested on suspicion of leaking details of his whereabouts to a Dutch-Moroccan criminal gang.

The Algemeen Dagblad newspaper reported on Thursday that the officer and his brother, both previously members of the Utrecht police force, had been investigated in connection with suspected leaks of confidential information.

The DBB security service, responsible for the safety of the royal family, diplomats and high-profile politicians, said the officer – who is of Moroccan origin – was not one of Wilders’ bodyguards but screened locations for his public appearances.

. . . .

The Dutch police chief, Erik Akerboom, told Dutch radio an investigation had been opened but insisted Wilders’ safety had not been compromised, prompting Wilders to reply that if he could not trust the DBB, “I can no longer function”.

The justice minister, Stef Blok, insisted Dutch politicians could “campaign safely on Dutch streets” and said the alleged leak had endangered no one.

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