Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome to the majors, Mr. Trump

Trump just got checked and balanced

A federal judge has stopped execution of the immigration and refugee order, nationwide.

The federal bureaucracy has told everybody at airports everywhere to go back to the business as usual of the day before the order, as if it never happened, pending continuing litigation.

And it's beginning to look like discrimination in immigration by national origin or religion may soon be declared unconstitutional, though nothing pertinent to that question in the constitution has changed since the Civil War Amendments, and nobody thought the constitution bore any impediment to the frankly discriminatory racism and nationalism of immigration law right up to the 1950's.

Appeals Court Rejects Request to Immediately Restore Travel Ban

Remember that DC establishment he spent his entire campaign denigrating and promising to crush?

That rigged system he was going to smash on behalf of his forgotten men?

It will not go quietly.

Trump is every day more transparently unprepared and unsuited to the job of the presidency, so much so that I find it every day more disturbing that mainstream Republican venues like RCP are still giving equal time to his defenders.

Would they defend Mussolini?

If the courts settle it that discrimination in immigration is in fact unconstitutional and strike down his executive orders on that basis, and then Bozo tells them to go to hell and orders the relevant bureaucracy to carry them into effect, what will these Trumpist Republicans do?

Will they effectively absolutize the power of the presidency by insisting he gets to blow off court rulings and orders he disagrees with?

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