Friday, June 2, 2017

Bozo (and Syria, and Nicaragua) against the world

And while he's at it,

A great day for Buchananites.

Breitbart this morning is attacking the media, celebs, Huffpo, The Weather Channel, the EU, and pretty much everyone in the universe who isn't a climate change denier for denouncing Trump's move.

Trump in the next sentence said the US would immediately renegotiate for better terms for reentering the accord.

The EU - the world, really - has already said no, the deal is the deal, take it or leave it.

But Mike Pence stands with him.

(But not Pittsburgh.)

Obama signed the agreement and tried to get people to accept it as an "executive agreement," though in fact anything having this sort of huge impact on the US could not really count as that and would be legally binding only if confirmed by the senate as a treaty.

O never even proposed it to the senate because it would not have ratified the deal, no more than it was willing to ratify Kyoto.

Strictly, Trump rejected a deal that was never lawfully entered into by the US, anyway.

On the other hand, the accords allowed each country to do whatever it wants to about climate change, so long as it's something and a bit more each year.

So whatever the US was or is to do about it is whatever Trump wanted to do, anyway, so long as it's something.

Thing is, what he wants to do is actually nothing at all.

And yet, the deal allegedly allows China to expand fossil fuel consumption for some decades, still, while requiring the US and Europe to cut back.

The very sort of bias that led the senate to reject Kyoto when Clinton submitted it.

Job killing deals?

Unemployment is 4.3%, its lowest in some 10 years, they say.

More on Pittsburgh re this story.

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