Thursday, June 22, 2017

Changing my view, a little, about the Russians' impact on the election

For a while, I thought Hillary would have lost even without the Russians doing their Wikileaks and disinformation campaigns.

That was and is the CW among "responsible persons."

To say otherwise is to say that, once again, a Republican was "selected, not elected" over a Democrat, and made it to the White House only on that account.

But this time it was Putin who did the selecting and not the Republicans on the Supreme Court, and that would and should be so much more alarming to so many more people, and delegitimates Trump in a much more fundamental way.

True enough, Comey's late, second bite of the emails apple was timed to do maximal damage and he deserved to be fired for that.

But the whole emails thing would have been a lot less of a problem without the Russians, their Wikileaks, and their extensive disinformation.

Heck, despite the Russians and Comey, both, Hillary actually won the voters' suffrage.

Without the Russians, I now think, she would have done enough better to also gain the suffrage of the Electors.

So, yes, the Russians stole the election from Hillary and handed it to the Siberian Candidate, Donald Trump.

Or the Russians and the corrupt, rigged system - the Electoral College - if you want to see it that way.

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