Friday, June 30, 2017

Mika and Joe respond to the disgusting attack by Old Man Karamazov in the White House

There is no fixing or controlling or successfully chastising Bozo.

The only solution is to get rid of him.

The Congressional GOP would not impeach him if he turned out to be a serial killer with bodies even now in the White House basement.

He needs to be knocked off the GOP ticket in 2020 by the party.

Can they do that?

Will they?

Has anyone even heard the words "Dump Trump for 2020" out of a single Republican mouth?

Update 0811, "He's not well. He's not of sound mind."

And more on that line on Morning Joe at this hour.

And this.

Softening up America for Article XXV?

Do you really want Pence to finish Trump's term and have a guaranteed lead in the party for 2020?

Well, better than Trump, maybe, if we get split government with the Dems regaining at least one house of Congress starting in 2018.

Update 0821, Trump planted stories during the campaign in the National Inquirer, owned by a buddy, to harm people he wanted to attack.

At some point in time - when? - the White House called Joe and Mika and urged he call Trump to apologize for some story or else an attack story would appear in the Inquirer about Joe.

Reporters for that paper were personally calling and harassing Mika's two daughters (in their early teens).

They didn't cave, of course.

Rather a shame Joe is lending support to the idea that Trump's agenda could and should do wonderful things for coal miners and industrial workers desperate in Pennsylvania and other places.

It's all bunk, especially the baloney about the coal industry.

And, by the way, the agenda Trump announced in connection with energy the other day is a triple horror, encouraging the export of coal for use in producing electricity, encouraging the use of oil, and committing the US to increased use of nuclear power.

The latest on Fukushima.

Mika, Joe, and the others did not omit concern what the mentally unstable megalomaniac rage-a-holic in the White House might do in connection with Korea or some other crisis.

I hadn't realized they are actually a couple.

Joe and Mika.

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