Monday, June 19, 2017

Watch out for Mueller

Too many people are advocating that Trump cannot commit obstruction of justice by firing somebody in the Justice Department from the AG down because the constitution does not specify reasons for which he, as president, may, or may not, fire such people.

Yes, they are claiming the president can fire anybody in the Justice Department exactly because they are investigating him or someone else and he wants to put a stop to it, with impunity.

They are saying, in plain language, he has a constitutional right to obstruct justice, and so cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice, if he goes about it in that precise way.

Of course, the constitution is totally silent about any alleged presidential power to fire anyone.

This is about that very long and crucially important part of the constitution written in invisible ink that only lawyers and judges can read.

But never mind.

If such a thing were written in it in the boldest black letters it would be an indefensible monarchist idiocy we would want officials to refuse to countenance and judges to ignore.

But watch out for the ignorant, stupid clown in the White House who is pretending to be our president actually firing whoever he needs to to get someone to fire Mueller.

He thinks he could rape and kill Jared on the White House lawn and the Republicans wouldn't impeach him, and he might be right.

Well, not until most of what they think they can pass of their vicious and lunatic agenda is through, anyway.

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