Thursday, June 8, 2017

McCain babbles for his entire seven minutes' opportunity to question Comey

During an unmistakable and prolonged senior moment, he claimed he was unable to understand that it was not proof of a double standard, that the investigation of Hillary's use of a private email server was completed by last July with no charges brought while the investigation of Russian involvement in the election and possible collusion by persons involved in the Trump campaign is not over and may yet result in charges.

He seemed completely confused and to somehow think Hillary and her team had been or should have been or should be foci of the investigation of Russian efforts to ensure she lost the election.

But his babbling was so confused and muddled that poor Comey really didn't know quite what to say as McCain several times challenged him for this "double standard".

Update, later that same day.

And now we know it's not just me.

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