Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More full-bore and conventional liberal sites end up agreeing with me

Years later, if not decades.

There's still a big opening in America for white nationalism -- or FDR liberalism

Thing is, to do this the Dems would have to spend a lot of time on Sister Souljah moments.

And that's because both the right and left wing noise machines have spent decades convincing whites that blacks mostly, but other nonwhites also, hate them with a deathless and irremediable passion and will harm them politically as much as they can, as soon as they can.

Such moments can do nothing about the loyalties and behavior of whites who actually hate blacks.

David Duke and Richard Spencer will remain David Duke and Richard Spencer.

But they can help keep comfortable in the increasingly female, nonwhite, and LGBT Democratic fold a whole lot of whites who don't hate but fear blacks, just as all that propaganda from both machines intends they should.

But Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to act on this.

The hypocrisy and blame-shifting of the following kind of piece is not only stunning and offensive, it is totally disgusting.

Our Fear of Black Men is Racist, and It Killed Philando Castile

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