Friday, June 16, 2017

There are two baskets of deplorables

Trump leads the ignorant, stupid, racist, mostly male white canaille.

He was the nominee of and is the president of a party he never belonged to and damned throughout the campaign, but whose radical right wing agenda he fairly serves.

He leads a government he denounced as corrupt, hand in hand with an establishment he furiously railed at, at the head of a system he bellowed was unAmerican, unpatriotic, and antiwhite, having "won" an election he said would be rigged if he lost only courtesy of the Electors, having in fact lost the voters suffrage to Hillary, whom he endlessly damned - a fact he denied, insisting absurdly, baselessly, and racistly her entire lead of 3 million votes was owing to 3 to 5 million illegal votes cast by illegal aliens.

He repeatedly endorsed a threatened uprising of his supporters in case the rigged election was stolen from him and from them - meaning in case he lost.

Bernie leads the mostly male and white anticapitalists.

He was a candidate for the nomination of a party he never belonged to and damned throughout the campaign, and has damned since, and indeed all his life long, but was overwhelmingly rejected in a process he denounced as rigged.

Throughout his campaign he denounced the government as corrupt, the system and election process as rigged, the establishment as an evil capitalist oligarchy, the Democrats in general and Hillary personally as bought and paid for, calling repeatedly, angrily, and urgently for a socialist revolution.

His fans, still in sheeps clothing as "progressives", continue to insist the Democrats must adopt him and his rejected agenda.

Always remember what it suits Trumpists and Sandersites to pretend did not happen, that Hillary won the suffrage of the American voters.

(What did Democrats who rejected Bernie reject, anyway?

Most of his advertised legislative agenda, surely, but also and especially his and his supporters' vociferous and passionate, past and continuing rejections of capitalism, the system, the establishment, the American republic, the American government, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and the emerging future of global democratic capitalism.

Him, them, and their stupid revolution.)

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