Thursday, July 14, 2016

80 dead in Nice, France

Reportedly, a Tunisian in Nice drove a very large truck (in video it looks like the usual 18 wheeler affair we see all time time in the US on Interstates) through crowds celebrating Bastille Day, sometimes firing a gun out the window at the crowd, killing more than 80 before he was stopped, mostly by hitting them or running them over with the truck.

President Hollande has extended the state of emergency imposed for previous terrorist attacks for another 90 days and announced France will step up its participation in the fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Truck driver attacks crowd in Nice, killing dozens

Nice terror attack

Trump has been on TV expressing anger, blaming Hillary and President Obama, yelling about law and order and needing to be strong, and demanding greater control on people entering the US.

He did not for one moment suggest blaming any French politician for this event in France.

Hillary has been on TV attempting to be sensible, coherent, and capable.

She and the Duce are now tied nationally in the race for the White House.

Polls show voters trust Trump a lot more than Hillary to deal with terrorism, Jihad, and national security issues.

What can you say to such lunacy?

People just love that Mussolini, braggart, blowhard style.

Nuke 'em, torture 'em, go after their families, he says.

People eat it up.

Trump said he will call on Congress to declare war against ISIS.

But destroying ISIS in Syria and Iraq, though a good idea, won't stop this sort of thing.

That guy in France just climbed into a truck and drove it into crowds packing streets.

What do you want to bet that in the next few days Trump pulls ahead of Hillary?


Other reports say the driver is dead.

Nobody has actually claimed responsibility, though Jihad fans on twitter apparently are thrilled.

I suppose it could still turn out to have had nothing to do with ISIS or Jihad, police are investigating.

But everyone is taking it for granted that's what it was.

Hence Hillary, Trump, O, and lots of other American pols have checked in with statements of sympathy and talk about terrorism and ISIS.

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