Tuesday, July 19, 2016

When abortion is euthanasia, it's OK with me

Zika emergency pushes women to challenge Brazil's abortion law

At least some if not all of these cases would qualify, I think.

And before the fetus is recognizably an unborn child abortion at will is OK, I think.

As of 7 July, there have been 1,638 cases of reported microcephaly – an abnormally small head – and other brain defects in Brazil, according to the World Health Organisation. 

Women who do not want to continue their pregnancy because they have been infected, even if they have had a scan confirming brain defects in the baby, are unable to choose a legal termination. 

There is evidence of a rise in early abortions using pills obtainable online and fears that unsafe, illegal abortions will be rising too.

. . . .

Campaigners who want to change the law are encouraged by a ruling the supreme court handed down in the case of babies with anencephaly in 2012. 

This is a condition where the foetus develops without a brain, making it impossible for the baby to be born alive. 

The case took eight years, but eventually the court voted eight to two in favour of making abortion legal in those circumstances.

Before the ruling, there were two exceptions to the ban on termination in Brazil – when the pregnant woman’s life was at risk and when she had been raped. 

Anencephaly became the third, but campaigners acknowledge that it is not a simple precedent.

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