Monday, July 25, 2016

Trumpists and splitters, together

Priebus and Manafort seize on Wasserman Schultz DNC resignation

The #JillNotHill crowd and the Trumpists are once again shouting the same shouts.

Some Bernie supporters are now echoing Fox News, claiming Social Security and Medicare would be safer in the hands of Trump and the Republicans than in those of Hillary and the Democrats.

And making the same claim regarding abortion rights.

Why do the Bernie diehards - more diehard than Bernie, himself - want to sink Hillary and thus inevitably put Il Duce in the White House?

As Chris Christie reputedly said, it's chicken or fish, no minor party or independent candidate will win the presidency.

Jill Stein will never see the inside of the White House, except as a tourist.

Unless The Duce, out of gratitude, invites her to his inaugural ball.


I'm not sure I would go quite this far, though Bernie isn't a real Democrat, at all.

He spent a long career not being a Democrat.

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