Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders, a dick to the end

As Rachel explained, in 2008 Hillary called for the rules and the delegate counts to be waived and for the record to show Barack Obama was nominated by acclamation.

She had graciously endorsed him 4 days after he locked it up during the primaries, though of course it had pained her to do so.

Bernie demanded a full count of all the votes of all the delegates, and at the end he called for the votes to be recorded and for Hillary to be nominated.

Someone at the podium then called for a voice vote, ayes vs nays, to nominate her by acclamation.

They ayes had it, though there were nays.

This should have been Hillary's night and the big story should have been the nomination of a woman for the job.

Instead Bernie insisted on making it his night and sticking a finger in her eye.

And that after she let him write the platform.

The man is the same bitter, Democrat-hating dick he has shown himself to be every day since she locked up the nomination and he refused to concede or endorse her for weeks and weeks, only eventually doing so grudgingly and in a bitter speech.

They probably had to promise him a plum job in the senate.

He doesn't deserve it.

He personally has far more increased the risk of a Trump victory than could be justified by anything he has accomplished to make America better. 

He has given too much scope to his fatuous hatred of capitalism, inequality, and the "rigged system" that is the American republic. 

He has been too much the leftist asshole, to the end.

And his blather about "political revolution" has been a stupid and dangerous dog-whistle for radical left loonies and airhead rabble, all along.

Not much different from Il Duce, in that respect.

Hillary is a bit too far to the right for me, in some ways.

But she and Barack Obama are right and Bernie is wrong.

The path to a decent future belongs to "democratic capitalism," and not to anything that would really and ultimately satisfy the anti-captalist heart of Bernie Sanders.

For anybody who isn't a capitalist, the correct political aim is to tame capitalism and not to try to replace it with a utopian folly.

And that is what progressivism - but not socialism - has always been about.


Sometimes Rachel is off the mark.

Her eulogies of Prince were excessive to put it mildly, her worries America might not be ready for a woman president are silly, and her reaction to Bill Clinton's speech seems to have been off-base compared to the reactions of others.

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