Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tiresome political brats

Bernie Sanders Supporters Don’t Care if Russia Hacked DNC Email

They are what Bernie made them.

“I’m really thankful to whatever the source was,” said Mike Arnold, a Bernie supporter from Atlanta wearing a shirt reading, “Hillary for Prison.”

“I don’t care if a man on the moon reported it,” Arnold continued. “I couldn’t care less. The bottom line is that [Clinton] is corrupt.”

Last night MSNBC said he would not fund-raise for Hillary and would not share his email list.

Reports today that he called for her nomination by acclamation are untrue.

I saw it and heard it. That's not what he did.

Yesterday he told reporters he would return to the senate to serve out his term as an Independent.

He rather pointedly for his entire career was not a Democrat.

He is not now a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders supporters stage sit-in to protest Clinton nomination at DNC

The left has its own political clown car.

Scores of disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters stormed the media center at the Democratic national convention on Tuesday night after Hillary Clinton officially clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, staging a short-lived sit-in as law enforcement officials and hundreds of members of the press looked on.

The protest began a few minutes after Sanders called on the convention to nominate Clinton by acclamation, with dissatisfied supporters of the runner-up candidate leaving Wells Fargo Arena in droves. 

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