Saturday, July 23, 2016

Citizen Kaine for VP

Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate

A senator from Virginia who has been a governor.

Kaine's midwestern roots also run strong: 

Born in Minnesota, Kaine is the son of a welder who was raised in Kansas and graduated from the University of Missouri. 

He went to Harvard law school, but before graduating served a year as a missionary in Honduras.

It was an experience that cemented his Catholic faith and strengthened his fluency in Spanish. 

Kaine was the first member to give an entire speech on the Senate floor in Spanish. 

It was during a debate in support of the bipartisan "Gang of 8" immigration reform package.

. . . .

The President later praised Clinton's choice, telling supporters in a fundraising email Saturday that "Tim is a good man. He's a true progressive. And he will make a great vice president."

It may be an anti-establishment year, but Clinton's running mate is an insider: 

A senator and former governor from the critical battleground of Virginia and a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Trump's campaign seized upon Kaine's Washington experience in a fundraising text message to supporters, writing: 

"The ultimate insiders -- Obama, Hillary and Kaine. Don't Let Obama have a 3rd Term. Contribute."

He is indeed reputed to be more like her and more like President Obama than he is like Bernie.

On the other hand, Mike Pence is a Koch-issued, hard-right Wall Street conservative, ideologically and in personality quite the non-Trump, something of an insincere concession to party orthodoxy.

I wonder if Hill's cabinet will be more diverse.

A cabinet that looks like America, which one supposes looks about half female and no more than, say, 60% non-Hispanic white.

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