Monday, July 25, 2016

Bernie or bust

3 out of 4 Bernie delegates who were asked said they won't vote for Hillary, and one of them said she would vote for Jill Stein.

That was after all the speeches tonight, including a dynamite speech by Sanders vigorously endorsing Hillary and urging his supporters to work unstintingly to put Hillary in the White House.

Michelle, by the way, was awesome and surely has a glowing future in the party if she wants it.

Rachel was freaking out that Bernie's supporters said they trust him completely but in the same sentence that they won't accept his advice to support Hillary.

When asked to explain, they are saying, essentially, that they will support Hillary if she proves to them that she has sincerely and internally morphed into a younger, squat, and female Bernie Sanders.

It seems there will be a roll call vote, so Hillary will not be nominated by acclamation.

Was Barack Obama nominated by acclamation in 2008?

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