Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pig pile on DWS

All of Hillary's enemies, and all the enemies of the Democratic Party, are yelling this morning about the DNC emails originally hacked by the Russians and now appearing at Wikileaks.

They are claiming the emails prove deplorable or illicit collusion between the DNC and Hillary's campaign during the primary season, to the harm of the Sanders campaign.

Sanders' folks have renewed their calls for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as head of the DNC.

That hasn't happened, but she is no longer slated for the convention spot.

Breitbart is running wild with the story, and Trump himself is exultant.

The idea, of course, is to drive that wedge between the Sanders supporters and Hillary even deeper so that more of them will stay home, support Il Duce, or support Jill Stein - or anyway not support or vote for Hillary.

Any of those choices would help The Duce.

The right is making a similar use of her selection of Tim Kaine.

For her part, Jill Stein has renewed her call for Bernie to take over the Green ticket from her.

If he does that Hillary is toast and The Duce will own the White House.

Not everybody seems quite to see the importance of Bernie voters to Hillary in this election.

On the choice of Tim Kaine at Vox.

To the kind of leftists who backed Sanders in the primary, Kaine is their critique of mainstream Democrats in miniature: insufficiently focused on economic inequality and distributional issues, and using concern for racial equality as a distraction from that. 

. . . .

If Clinton had felt this wing of the party was worth pitching toward, she might have had Kaine given an enthusiastically populist speech in spite of his past record. 

Hell, she might have just picked Elizabeth Warren instead. 

The fact that Kaine instead delivered a pitch aimed at Latino groups and civil rights groups says something about what wing of the party Clinton wants to shore up support with. 

She fundamentally, and probably correctly, thinks that Latino and black voters are a vastly more important part of the party than the economic populist left, and so sought to have Kaine assuage any disappointment the former might feel, rather than the latter.

Hillary may have chosen Kaine in the belief Bernie would support her, if weakly.

But if he pulls a Nader and runs as a Green she is done for.

Far too many of his supporters are already very put off by her and by the center-left political position of the Democratic Party.

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