Monday, July 18, 2016

Seeing and seeing as

Figure and ground.

A duck or a rabbit.

Kant shorn of transcendental idealism is a worthier successor to Hume than the logical positivists who insisted physical object statements were equivalent to sense data statements.

They omitted what he, following Aristotle and like those in his and the Scholastic traditions, emphasized, the critical role of imagination in working up sensa into a world of phenomena, of objects of experience together occupying or situated in both three dimensional space and time.

This is something different from judgment or belief, though intimately related to both.

And this whole world of appearances is merely mine.

And I have no truck with real others, unless a noumenal world that includes noumenal others appears through them.

Reading the first critique.

PS. That doesn't mean he is better than Hume and the empiricists at understanding regularities in nature and expectations that the future will resemble the past.

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