Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coming to an end quicker than you might think

The Coming Christian Collapse

Rod Dreher.

For various reasons, churchgoing in America is primarily something that educated middle and upper class Americans do. 

Charles Murray, among others, has highlighted research showing that the working class has largely abandoned church. 

If Christianity is to survive in the US, it cannot afford to lose middle class Americans. 

Of course Christianity must especially be for the poor and working classes, but at this point in its history in the US, the poor and working classes have already left, and the middle classes are hemorrhaging.

College is (at least for now) a common middle class experience. 

If we lose these kids in (or by) college, they’re gone. 

According to my anecdotal information, supplemented by the research from Smith et al., this has already happened.

The Evangelical churches will collapse, he says, as will the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

The chief reason is that none of the churches have transmitted or are transmitting the faintest knowledge of even the rudiments of Christian orthodoxy to the young by college or in college.

Christianity is evaporating.

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