Friday, July 29, 2016

It will be ugly. And rather futile.

Be afraid: The Clinton-Trump general election begins

Now, the nastiest, most unpredictable campaign you can imagine

Philadelphia vs. Cleveland: Divided We Stand

The best you can say about her is that she's better than him, sort of.

That's not nothing, but not everybody believes it, anyway.

And that's at least partly because nobody believes her on TPP or on her other dodges to the left, and a big majority of Americans think she should have been indicted over the emails.

And after Obama's presidency being the first woman nominated for the White House seems too much like being the first person of mixed Polish, German, and Irish descent to be nominated for class president at Podunk High School.

And if Donald looks too much like an overweight orangutan she looks too much like a pastel fireplug.


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