Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Brexit PM

Theresa May: 5 Things to Know About U.K.'s Next Prime Minister

Following the withdrawal of her only competitor in the race to lead the ruling Conservative Party, Theresa May will become the second female prime minister in U.K. history on Wednesday.

May is poised to replace current Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced his resignation following the Brexit referendum. 

Cameron initially said that he would step down by October but will now resign on Wednesday with the news that Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of consideration to be his replacement.

. . . .

May, who is viewed as leaning further to the right than Cameron, ultimately supported his push for the country to remain in the European Union. 

However, she was not outspoken about the position, which has permitted her to be viewed as a unity candidate in a time of fractured governance. 

She has said that she will reject calls to ignore the results of the referendum. 

"Brexit means Brexit," May said. 

"And we're going to make a success of it."

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