Thursday, July 7, 2016

We'll always have Baltimore

The title alludes to Caputo and Linda getting hot in Baltimore.

Cut to the end of Season 4, episode 5 of OITNB.

Hoping to use the guards' anti-gang initiative to shut down the emerging, exclusively Latina organization that has entered into competition with her ethnically diverse group in the unwashed panties trade, Piper advertises for members of a new civic organization willing to report infractions to the guards.

Think Neighborhood Watch.

In their first meeting it turns out only white girls have shown up, and they immediately start to grouse about tribal frictions and then spontaneously chant "White lives matter! White lives matter!" and then "White Pride! White Pride!"

This is Netflix, of course, and in their view Hitler's Nazi madness was the most revealing, if not the only, thing white people have ever done.

So cut to a shot of a confederate flag tattooed on a girl's neck, then run the episode end credits as the music comes up with a stirring rendition of Cabaret's Nazi anthem, "Tomorrow Belongs to Me."

So go ahead, white people.

Be proud of that, huh?

You wanna be proud?

Nazi! Nazi!

And what a look on poor Piper's face!

The new Queen of the Aryan Nation.

On the other hand, in which episode was it some odious black chick explained non-whites can't be racists because they have no power, unlike the white girls in prison with them?

Was that a bit of mordant, heretical wit?

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