Thursday, July 7, 2016


Binge watched 8 seasons on Netflix.

Empathy never did anybody any good, and the lack thereof does nothing to explain serial killers or mass murderers.

And, seeing how the world goes, empathy allegedly felt by others towards us rarely helps much.

Thoughts occasioned reading Moll Flanders, whose terror of hanging, now she is in Newgate 50 pages from the end of the book, incites thoughts of repentance.

All the same, she might have been right choosing a career of crime, though wrong refusing to quit when ahead.

And such a choice is perfectly consistent with genuine support for stable, well policed, democratic capitalism, as O calls it.

Who would live on the milk of a dry cow?

And even the criminal does not wish to be robbed.

But not too well policed.

What would a world with too much empathy for private property in the means of production look like?

Evolution didn't go there.

Not by a very far piece.

Who works to feed starving Hatians?

Who builds a business or an industry to feed the teeming poor of Asia?

Not Asians.

Nor anyone else.

As for serial killers, mass murderers, and sadists of all types, well, nature regularly throws up monsters.

Some types more than others.

Consider pederasts.

Sometimes they seem common as dirt.

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