Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary buys some votes with a bad plan

Hillary Clinton college plan takes notes from Sanders proposal

I would be fine with a GI Bill style voucher plan involving equal or even greater cost, but I am not thrilled with the expansion of PC federal regulation of state public college and university education this move, a mere echo of Bernie's proposals, would entail.

Not that a Republican Congress will agree to it.

Come to that, many Democrats will oppose it, as they opposed not only Medicare for All but even the public option back when Obamacare was being put together.

Hillary Clinton announced Wednesday a new college affordability plan based on conversations with her primary foe, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Her proposal includes tuition-free enrollment in public, in-state colleges and universities for families of four making up to $85,000. 

The income benchmark would increase over four years to $125,000 -- covering about 80% of U.S. families.

Clinton's campaign, by updating her plan, hopes to win over Sanders supporters, even while the Vermont senator declines to drop out of the presidential race.

. . . .

Clinton's also proposing a three-month moratorium on all student loan repayment on federal loans, allowing students a window to consolidate their loans with the Department of Education. 

And Clinton is pushing a year-round Pell Grant that would cover summer tuition.

It increases the cost of Clinton's original college affordability plan, which was $350 billion and paid for by limiting tax deductions and expenditures for the wealthy to 28%.

To foot the bill for her new plan, Clinton proposes "closing additional high-income tax loopholes -- focusing on loopholes available especially to Wall Street money managers, like hedge funds and private equity firms," an aide said.

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