Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary in the clear

The AG has already said she will follow the recommendations of the FBI.

The FBI director recommends no prosecution.

Text of F.B.I. Director’s Remarks on Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Email Use

This career prosecutor is a Republican appointed by Barack Obama for a term of ten years.

He served as Deputy Attorney General under GW.

He has received highest marks for professionalism and integrity from Republicans in the past.

He said there was classified material in several email chains, not all of it marked as such and not all of it classified when sent.

He said nothing was done that any reasonable prosecutor would prosecute and that there has never been anyone prosecuted for facts such as these.

He said in multiple ways that nothing happened or was done that should be prosecuted.

He criticized the State Department for having a distinctly shoddy culture as regards security and was at least that harsh with Mrs. Clinton and those who worked with her and who corresponded with her by email.

He said everybody involved should have known better.

He said there was no evidence her stuff had been hacked but noted that the people who might have hacked her would have left no evidence.

Il Duce tweeted immediately that the corrupt system protected corrupt Hillary, the fix was in, and she belongs in prison.


Side note, David Petraeus intentionally and knowingly shared highly classified materials with his mistress with whom he was at the time committing adultery, and who was a journalist at the time, writing his biography.

That by itself was a serious felony.

Petraeus then lied about it to the FBI during the investigation, which is also a felony.

Petraeus was allowed to plead guilty to a considerably lesser misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information and served a lot less time than he might have, and some in the FBI still think he got off too easy and should have been charged with lying to the FBI.

Hillary did nothing like any of that.

Why the Clinton email scandal and Petraeus leak are not really alike

Democrats react.

Two GOP-led inquiries into Clinton produce basically zip in the space of a week


Nothing criminal, but a lot that's far from good emerged from both investigations.

As to Benghazi, there was the disgraceful effort for days if not weeks to blame the riots and terror attacks on a You Tube video.

As to the emails, well, irresponsible, arrogant, entitled, and shoddy plus lying to the media about the whole issue of classified materials for months isn't good.

So what's the good news?

No indictments.

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