Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to be pure in heart

Celebrate American Independence and Liberty–Reject Trump and Clinton

Ron Chusid isn't living on Social Security and doesn't rely for health care on Medicare.

He isn't one of 11 million illegals, many of them settled and decent, working folks, who face ethnic cleansing.

He seriously thinks he has nothing to lose.

This is what Donald Trump has urged.

Abandonment of NATO or at least of its traditional mission.

Let Putin be Putin in Ukraine, the Baltics, and Eastern Europe.

Abandonment of the Pacific alliances.

Abandonment of non-proliferation and nukes for Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, and pretty much anybody else except, perhaps, and for no very clear reason except to bash Democrats and please Republican hawks, Iran.

Trade wars.

Default or hyperinflation to deal with the national debt.

Three trillion dollars in tax cuts for the rich over the next decade.

Three or four conservatives appointed to the Supreme Court.


Nothing to lose?

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