Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bozo's new sheriff on the job

Warfare in the West Wing breaks into the open as Scaramucci takes aim at Priebus

A knife fight for control of the West Wing broke into the open Thursday morning as President Trump's new communications director Anthony Scaramucci lashed out at White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in a televised interview, accusing Priebus of leaking and standing in the way of Trump's agenda.

"The fish stinks from the head down, I can tell you two fish that don’t stink, OK, and that’s me and the president," Scaramucci said, calling in to CNN's morning show "New Day."

"I don’t like the activity that’s going in the White House," he said.

Scaramucci, who had said the day he was named to the White House job that he and Priebus were like brothers, drastically amended that in the interview, comparing the two of them to the brothers who, in the Bible, were the characters in the first murder.

"Some brothers are like Cain and Abel, other brothers can fight with each other and get along. I don’t know if this is reparable or not --  that will be up to the president," he said.

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