Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gee. White House lies. Trump personally lies. And cover-up.

By Crafting Trump Jr's Lie, White House Implicated In Cover-up

Bill Kristol tweets,

"WHOA. Don Jr.'s false statement Sat. was drafted by WH aides & seen by Trump. This wasn't Jr being dopey. This was an attempted WH cover-up."

Shepard Smith Destroys Trump's 'Witch Hunt' Tweet: 'Fox News Can Confirm, It Is Not'

Smith went as far as saying, "Then there's the president's claim that the Russian investigation is a witch hunt. Fox News can confirm, it is not."

"Current and former US officials confirm there is absolutely no doubt that Russian interfered in our election, put its thumbs on the scales of democracy and that Vladimir Putin ordered the thumbs - and all the meddling and lots of different kinds of meddling in different ways attempting to change our democracy from Moscow! And some people think it's okay. It's astounding."

Smith also should own all the nonsense coming from Trump surrogates claiming Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya had no ties to her government and cited the The Daily Beast that reports,"The Russian lawyer has ties to the Russian military and intelligence officials including officials from two of the Kremlin's top intelligence agencies..."

Shep continued, "This is not a variable. This is not an unknown. She is fully tied to the Russian government and Russian oligarchs - there is no doubt."

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