Monday, July 24, 2017

Et tu, Corbyn?

Corbyn goes anti-immigration in a very openly Brit nationalist way.

Jeremy Corbyn: “wholesale” EU immigration has destroyed conditions for British workers

Mass immigration from the European Union has been used to "destroy" the conditions of British workers, Jeremy Corbyn said today.

. . . .

Laying out the case for leaving the single market, Corbyn used language we have rarely heard from him - blaming immigration for harming the lives of British workers.

The Labour leader said that after leaving the EU, there would still be European workers in Britain and vice versa. 

He added: "What there wouldn't be is the wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industry." 

Corbyn said he would prevent agencies from advertising jobs in central Europe - asking them to "advertise in the locality first". 

This idea draws on the "Preston model" adopted by that local authority, of trying to prioritise local suppliers for public sector contracts. 

The rules of the EU prevent this approach, seeing it as discrimination. 

In the future, foreign workers would "come here on the basis of the jobs available and their skill sets to go with it. What we wouldn't allow is this practice by agencies, who are quite disgraceful they way they do it - recruit a workforce, low paid - and bring them here in order to dismiss an existing workforce in the construction industry, then pay them low wages. It's appalling. And the only people who benefit are the companies."

Recall that Bernie Sanders was anti-immigration in much the same way until the New York Times editorial folks had him in for a chat and straightened him out.

It can't be racist and wicked when the right say it (Trump, for example) and OK when the left say it (Bernie, for example).

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