Saturday, July 15, 2017

No, we didn't

Elections Have Consequences

With today’s mix of incriminating, lurid and fantastical news, it’s worth taking a moment to remember that we as a nation made a collective decision to make Trump’s world of corruption and nonsense into our world.

This falsehood disguises the ugly truth, of which all of us should be daily reminded, that the voters of America do not choose their president and in fact rejected the national disgrace currently in the White House.

The Electors choose the president, and they are not currently chosen by the states in such a way that their choice reflects the choice of the voters.

And this past November the voters chose Hillary by a significant margin that so annoyed Bozo that he named a special commission to prove his lie that three to five million illegal votes by illegal aliens account for all of Hillary's lead over him in the national vote count.

I personally am not taking the blame for this cut-rate Mussolini, and the American voters don't deserve the blame, either.

Blame the US Constitution, if you want to.

Or blame the relevant, recalcitrant states for not having adopted the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Or (perhaps best of all) blame the Congress for not considering this once more and passing it on to the states.

But why 40%?

Just out of fear of too frequent runoffs?

If the French can stand it, so can we.

Make it 50%.

And in any case we need to combine it with another amendment to keep riffraff like Trump out of competition from the git-go, requiring among qualifications for office for the president that he have served a complete term as governor of a state or in the US senate, or two complete terms in the US house.

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