Friday, July 14, 2017

Still their guy

Seen at the grocery, this morning.

A thin old man at least in his late sixties in jeans and a tee, wearing a bright red MAGA, Trump 2016 baseball cap.

They loved him then and love him still, for all the wrong reasons, because he is a stupid, ignorant clown, a bully, a blowhard, the world's most transparent liar, Munchausen in person, with strong whiffs of white nationalism, racism, and a juvenile frat-boy's view of women.

He is Mussolini without the uniforms, with all of the attitude and much of the agenda.

Slogans and showmanship are everything to the Archie Bunkers of America, the half of the population that's dimmer than average and bitterly resents the half of America that's smarter, wealthier, better educated, and more powerful than they are, especially those toward the top of the heap.

That he is a stooge for Putin and a willing enabler of the big money agenda, that he and his inner circle probably collaborated from the beginning with the Russian attacks on Hillary in return for treasonous quid pro quos and that he is abundantly willing to sign into law the Koch agenda attacking them and what is good for them on behalf of the rich and the very rich, does not and will not sink in, denial being much preferable to accepting that he has gulled and conned them from the first moment.

So awful would be the recognition that there was not, is not, and will never be any alternative to their being permanently, ineffaceably, and inevitably ruled by their betters.

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