Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The most evil man ever to sit in the White House?

Well, since the 19th Century, anyway.

Trump slams AG Sessions' 'weak' position on Clinton emails

Our mini-Mussolini continues the John McCain line that there is a double standard at work in the differences between the investigation of Hillary's emails (completed by Comey who recommended no charges) and that of Russian meddling on his behalf in the 2016 election (ongoing).

He used to make the same complaint that he and his family and campaign were being investigated for collusion with the Russians while Hillary was not.

Given the Russians were out to sink her, that was too absurd, even for Bozo.

So now he complains there is no investigation of Ukrainian interference in the election, presumably on Hillary's behalf.

And now he is publicly and furiously blaming Jeff Sessions for these disparities.

A president pressuring officials to abandon an investigation of himself, his family, or his friends is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Pressuring them to undertake investigations of his enemies is abuse of power.

By the way, note the famously mavericky Republican moderate who yesterday proposed Sarah Palin, girl Trump, for the vice presidency and today drags himself from his deathbed to help conservatives destroy Ocare.

And isn't this an admission that our mini-Mussolini wants Sessions gone because he didn't attempt obstruction of justice?

Inside the Purge

Scaramucci is also leading the way in the effort to push out Attorney General Jeff Sessions, telling the increasingly servile Trump toady Hugh Hewitt this morning that the President “probably” wants Sessions “gone” because he has failed to protect the President from the Russia probe.

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