Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Your true Sandersite

Tell us how you really feel.

The Democratic Leadership Has Failed To Give A Good Reason Why Their Party Should Continue To Exist

Who is unhappy with the Democrats' "new look"?

Sandersites and others on the left who have sometimes been honest enough to express their hatred, contempt, and utter disrespect for the party and its central aim of preservation and gradual expansion of progressive reform.

Simply not radical enough for these folks.

Well, I did tell you the Dems are the real conservative party of America, and standard Democrat progressivism is the real American conservatism, in contrast to which the so-called "conservatism" of the American movement and the Republican Party is in truth a revolutionary, or counter-revolutionary, project of the America-hating radical right.

The Great Democratic Reboot: Why I’m Underwhelmed

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