Sunday, July 30, 2017

What a maroon

The GOP is a party of conservatives - actually, right wing revolutionaries - some of whose members do not have solid, bright red constituencies.

These latter are the so-called "moderates" who could not vote for the projects of the revolutionaries.
John Daniel Davidson has no patience with and refuses even to see that political reality.

America is not a hard right country.

It is not even center right.

It is center-left, but it's politics are distorted by a rigged system that enhances the power of right wing constituencies.

The Senate in which half a million right wing hayseeds have as much to say as 30 million Democrats, the Electoral College, gerrymandered districts that lead to GOP over representation in the House, the excess of right wing hate over left, and the grim determination of GOP donors, for instance.

And despite all that, the hard right that dominates the GOP cannot always quite have its way.

What would you conclude if you voted for a candidate or a party because of a promise to repeal or change a law that you strongly felt was harmful and unjust, but once in office the party refused to do it?

You might conclude, rightly, that those politicians didn’t really work for you, and the party didn’t care what you thought.

That’s precisely the message Republicans have been sending their constituents throughout the Obamacare repeal fiasco.

The failure of Senate Republicans to pass a so-called “skinny repeal” in the early hours of Friday is merely the latest instance of GOP fecklessness on health care reform.

Or, this piece is just intended as political pressure, smoke to keep the GOP politicians, or the rest of us, seeing and accepting that the real America no more wants abolition of Ocare that it wants any other part of the GOP agenda.

Americans do not want repeal, but enhancement, of our heritage of Progressivism.

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