Friday, July 21, 2017

What whores they all are

That barrage of crazy, huge hate-bombs thrown by the right wing noise machine, blasting away at the foundation of the Republic, a limited executive power firmly tied down by and to law, is actually terrifying.

Fox and Breitbart are burying Mueller and his team with slander and pouring sewage all over the idea that the investigation should even continue.

(How can Shep Smith stand to go to work in the morning?)

They are working up their base and infuriating them, getting them at least ready to support and defend a presidential move to fire Mueller and kill the investigation.

White House and other surrogates all over the news are vigorously repeating this line.

Worse than the GOP operatives who did this sort of crap for Nixon.

Worse than the Democrat operatives who defended not only frat boy Clinton's grotesque sexual harassment of White House interns but also his out and out perjury about it, for which he was ultimately disbarred but never prosecuted.


Another word for whores willing to sell out the Republic for their employers, no matter how disgracefully.

That's actually the job description, I think.

Or maybe the comparison is unfair to prostitutes, as comparing tyrants to mob bosses is way, way unfair to the criminals.


A sample of the shitstorm, cited by John Amato.

National Enquirer: Hillary Framed Trump Family With Russia Dirt Emails

The Enquirer was more fun and less a public enemy when they reported the kind of thing men in black needed to know.

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