Monday, July 10, 2017

How fair is this to actual women?

Heck, how fair is this to lesbians?

Athletics federation is still fighting for the right to invasively sex test female athletes

Opposition to testing based on a sex/gender distinction, I mean, according to which your actual parts ought to be more or less ignored by society, which ought instead to sort people, if at all, according to that LGBT social construct, your gender.

Nonsense apart, gender is a grammatical notion and neither a psychological, social, nor biological one.

But how awful it is even to say that!

So, for example, Bruce Jenner, had he gone through his delusional transformation much earlier in his life, ought to have been allowed to compete in girls' swimming competitions.

Bruce, if you don't recall, actually likes girls in his bed, and not boys; he has kept his junk and has no intention whatever of undergoing the surgical mutilation falsely advertised as sexual transformation.

And the degree of hormonal poisoning he does regularly undergo does not remove the natural athletic edge men in general have over women in general.

So, imagine Jenner had started wearing dresses, long hair, and makeup as a teen in high school.

How fair do you think it would have been to the actual girls in the school to insist he be allowed to compete against them in intramural sports, and to girls of other schools to let him join his high-school girls' swim team?

The interests and preferences of actual women and girls don't seem to rate very high among feminists willing to let women be "represented" by not only lesbians (bad enough, in many contexts) but people way, way more confused, delusional, or dishonest than that.

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