Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A gift on the Fourth to America from Pat Buchanan, betokening rejection

Is America Still a Nation?

It never was.

America has never had the ethnic homogeneity required for nationhood, gave up even racial homogeneity with the commitment to mass importation of black African slaves, and anyway, failing a determined and conscious policy of complete extermination of indigenous peoples that never materialized, was fated for ultimate racial pluralism from the very beginning.

But as is to be expected after years of his advertising White Woe, what worries Pat, a Klansman in his soul, on this glorious Fourth, is the waning of the cultural and political dominance, much more thorough than mere hegemony, of the white Christian male in the US and Europe, and in the world.

The continued and even growing power and cultural rayonnement of the actual, contemporary West, with its commitments to post-nationalist globalism, the moral and social values of the Rainbow Coalition, COEXIST, moderate feminism, and the LGBT left, and capitalism moderated everywhere by the concerns and values of global progressivism, offers him not consolation, but offense.

As we all know, against this McWorld he instinctively sides with the global rebellion of Jihad, of micro-nationalism, of cultural, religious, ethnic, and racial tribalism.

Just another "conservative" liar, he misrepresents America's political clashes as, and does his best to make them, a chaos of tribal conflicts, a clash of identities fated to essential enmity rather than our American part in the much more important and genuinely global 21st Century struggle between tribalists and inclusivists.

And a political war between people like him and tribalisms like his on the one side and defenders of the real America on the other.

America destined to be a Rainbow from the beginning, an inclusive and tolerant America opposed not to his or any tribes but to his and their tribalist commitments, and perhaps most notably to those of the reactionary white nationalism and white identity partisans whose side he takes against the real and ever more pluralist and open America whose very existence he denies, laments, and with every breathe delegitimates, always portraying it, not as the ever more inclusive rise of Us but as the ever more threatening and ruinous rise of Them.

A Fourth of July gift of bitterness, poison, and rejection from him and his kind to the real America he finds so repulsive.

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