Saturday, July 1, 2017

Repeal now, replace never; or, as they said just a few years ago with surprising candor, "Let them die!"

The conservatives never really wanted that "replace" thing.

That was a concession from the first day to the publicity needs of GOP congressmen in districts not deeply, deeply red.

This - the standard Scrooge McAsshole radical right agenda - is what Trump all along has been a smokescreen for and is now openly out to enable, yet further betraying the white trash morons who flocked to his banner.

Interesting that Breitbart is solidly with the McAssholes, cheering on Bozo's betrayal, demonstrating just how serious was their - and doubtless Steve Bannon's - commitment to the needs of those same white trash fools.

Conservative Leaders Applaud Trump’s Tweet to Repeal Obamacare First, Replace Later

On a media conference call Friday morning, national conservative group leaders overwhelmingly applauded Trump’s suggestion and rebuked GOP leaders for introducing Obamacare “replacement” legislation that they say simply continues former President Barack Obama’s disastrous healthcare reform. 

The leaders made clear to Republicans that they hold power in both chambers of Congress largely because the conservative base elected them to repeal Obamacare and put GOP leaders on notice that their draft healthcare bill is costing them their base.

The upside is that such a move would do wonders for the Dems in 2018.

The downside is that it would seriously hurt a lot of people.

House and senate Republicans not from deep, deep red districts or states are probably not up to what for them would be a political kamikaze move.

And without them this probably couldn't clear the senate, and maybe not even the House.

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